Below are a few online resources that you may find useful.

  • helps people find answers to life’s questions. Here you will find counsel, direction, encouragement, and help — all from God’s Word.
  • has answers to kids’ BIG questions on God, the Bible, and everyday life. Explore to learn more.
  • Native New Day is a first-of-a-kind Bible study series produced especially for Native People and is narrated by Native Storyteller, Monte Church, of the Mohican Nation.
  • Native New Day Bible Studies were written for Native People by Native People. These guides will take you on a journey through the Bible’s main themes. You’ll discover just how relevant this ancient book of wisdom is for people facing the 21st century’s challenges. Each lesson is beautifully illustrated, reflecting our rich Native heritage.
  • Native New Health is an innovative series of health programs designed for Native people by Native people. This series addresses a number of health topics of special concern to Native People. Each episode has been designed to generate discussion and to assist the viewer in making positive lifestyle choices.
  • Native Hope Radio & TV plays music of talented Native artists, has songs in Native dialects from tribes all over North America, and promotes Native arts and crafts. We engage with Native storytellers, keying on testimonies which uplift and inspire.
  • Addictions treatment for First Nations and Inuit